Cotton Packaging Bags

Don’t use plastic to give away your products anymore. Every bag hurts the environment.

At EcoRight, we realize that giveaways at stores are some of the largest sources of plastic. A lot of people don’t remember to bring their own bag. As a environmentally responsible business, we are appealing to you, to help package or giveaway your products in cotton packing bags.

Not only is giving away a cotton bag, environmentally conscious, it will be reused thousands of times service as a walking advertisement for your company. Cotton bags have great utility and are something that will remind them of the great organization that gave them this gift day in and day out.

Our cotton packing bags are being used by some of the largest eco-friendly and ethical brands in the world. Starting at $0.5 per bag, try us out!

All EcoRight bags are eco-friendly and ethically manufactured.

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Roshan Vaishnav, Vivro Financial Services (India)

Corporate Gifting

We gave EcoRight bags to all our employees on our foundation day. They were a huge hit! Not only were the designs fun and quirky, the environmental message was appreciated by all. They are highly professional, and went out of their way to ship the bags quickly in 2 days to three of our offices. Their bags are sturdy yet lightweight and very high quality. Would love to work with them again!

Roshan Vaishnav