Promotional Bags

Great Design is the basis of great promotion – M. Cobanli

Cotton bags are the most economical advertising and promotional medium in the world. The beauty of a reusable bag as an advertising medium is that no-one ever throws away these bags. They get re-used thousands of times, serving as walking billboard.

Also, a cotton bag always leaves a positive impression on the minds of anyone who uses them. A custom promotional tote bag, with your logo and message will make sure that while you are getting a great marketing tool, you’re reducing the amount of plastic reduced in the world. The products that you push across to the world are a reflection of what you as a business stand for and want to promote.

An eco friendly customized tote bag fits the bill perfectly in this regards. Your logo placed neatly on one of our eco-friendly bags – will give your end users and their friends, a reason to remember you for a long time to come – almost every time they use the bag!

While there are a lot of options for getting a customized bag built, what separates us is the entire process of creating a tailor-made bag just for you – the way you like it and as per the occasion it is meant for!

We understand what brand identity means for you and want to work with you for creating just the perfect promotional bag or a bunch of promotional gifts. It could be a simple logo bag or something fancy. And if it is eco – friendly and ethically manufactured, then all the better, right?

We have made bags for conferences and events and have served 100s of conferences and promotional product companies over the years!

We are happy to create some samples for you! Please write to use using the form below and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours.

All EcoRight bags are eco-friendly and ethically manufactured.

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Leslin, Mudra Institute of Communications (MICA, India)

Conference Bags

We bought the EcoRight bags for our international conference and the bag was an instant hit among the participants and volunteers. The material bag was well appreciated by everyone who received it. It’s a great feeling to see my colleagues use the bags even after the conference.