Classic Tote Bag – Supersonic Cheetahs


Each of our designs draws inspiration from our planet and the need to preserve it. This bag is inspired by the magnificent Cheetah. Did you know that the Cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world? They can get up to 112km per hour in 3 sec. That’s faster than most sports cars! By buying an EcoRight product, you take the first step towards conserving our ecosystem!

This black tote bag measures 17 x 14 inches + 5 inch (gusset). This large tote bag for women is super spacious, has a zipper closure and an inner pocket to store your keys, phone, earphones etc. These are perfect as travel handbags for women, work totes or a purse!

This designer bag is made from a mix of jute & organic cotton (Juton, as we call it), with vegan leather handles. Juton is extremely eco-friendly as it requires less water, energy & emits less CO2. Additionally, the inner lining is made out of 5 recycled PET bottles. The handbag is packaged in a reusable cotton bag.


Material: 50% Jute, 50% Cotton, 12 oz (sturdy)
Closure: Zipper
Features: Zipper pocket on the inside
Size: 17 inch x 14 inch x 5 inch (bottom gusset)
Capacity: 20 kg
Weight: 520gm

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The Juton Classic Tote bag is made from a special blend of Jute and Cotton with vegan leather handles. This fabric is a very high-quality weave, made specially to combine the sturdiness of Jute with the softness of Cotton. Jute is a sustainable fiber with lesser water, c02 emissions and pesticide usage. The inner lining is made from recycled plastic, thereby reducing plastic waste from the environment. The fabric is ultra-durable which makes the bag ideally suited for everyday work and travel. 100% reusable and biodegradable. The fabric is a sturdy 12 oz weave. There is a zipper closure and a pocket on the inside the jute bag

EcoRight donates 1% of all profits to causes supporting a brighter future – education and the environment. Read more on our CSR page.

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Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 17 × 5 × 14 in





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