Our Manufacturing Facilities

At EcoRight, we are fortunate to have tied up with Norquest Brands, one of the best manufacturing facilities in India. When we say best, we don’t mean just the best quality, we mean one of the most socially aware facilities in the world.

About the facility

  • Manufacturing since 2003
  • Leading exporter of eco-friendly products to some of the biggest brands in the
  • world in 27 countries
  • 200 strong workforce
  • Capacity to product 10,000 bags per day

Ethical manufacturing

  • Ethically audited to SEDEX 4 pillar standards
  • This means that the facilities follow all social, environmental, legal and ethical norms
  • Strongly believe in and practice women empowerment, 90% of our workforce is women
  • In-depth training – we believe that every person working on the bags is important and has a role to play in the success of the venture. We believe in in-depth training, if a worker does not perform, they are re-trained not let go. There is high level of Job security.
  • We provide interest-free loans for the education of all our workers’ children
  • Yearly all expense paid trip for 3 days to every worker in the facility