Our Mission

At EcoRight, we’re continuously working towards ‘Saving Our Planet, One Bag at a Time’

Our mission is to create earth-friendly products of the highest quality, in an ethical and sustainable way. In today’s day and age, all the biggest threats facing our environment are man made – global warming, deforestation, plastic pollution, loss of biodiversity.. The list is endless. We want to be the solution. This is our first step.

We believe that there is good in each person out there. No one wants to see our world suffer, after all, it is the only home we have. We want to give every single person an easy, fun way to go eco-friendly.

We strive to create eco-friendly, reusable, durable bags that

  • Highlight an environmental issue – through our original designs
  • Solve a need for our customers – that also reduces their dependence on plastic
  • Are affordable – It’s not going to work if it’s too expensive.
  • Are fun – it’s not going to work if you don’t love the product.

Going eco-friendly is not a revolution, it is a matter of habit. Our mission is to infuse the lives of our customers with products that enable them to make a difference everyday. We want to make going eco-friendly easy and fun.

Showcasing some of our products that reflect our mission –