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Check out our most versatile mesh tote bag ever! Our cotton mesh tote bags can be used as an everyday bag, grocery bag, shopping tote or just your everyday fun tote bag. They’re SUPER expandable and can carry a minimum of 8kgs (that’s quite a bit!). They’re made from 100% cotton so they’re kind to the environment, along with being super cute!

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Material: Cotton mesh - Natural
Closure: Open
Size:  14 X 14 Inch

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This cotton mesh tote bag is the perfect reusable grocery bag, laundry bag, or just bags for produce. Easily washable just give them a quick rinse with water or put them in your machine on a gentle cycle!

Additional information

Dimensions 14 × 14 in



Bag usage

This mesh produce bag has amazing uses- along with being an excellent alternative to throwaway plastic bags, it can be used for grocery shopping and produce storage. The mesh allows for easy identification of things and works best for thick skinned vegetables like onions, potatoes, etc. The perforated composition of this bag allows for easy escape of ethylene gas to keep the produce fresh for a longer time.


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