Reusable Cotton Produce bags- Pack of 3


Washable, lightweight and eco-friendly, these produce bags are available in three different sizes for easy storage and shopping of vegetables, fruits and bakery items. The pull string closure prevents things from falling out of the bag. Made of a 3.50z natural cotton, these bags have tiny perforations that allow easy escape of ethylene gas produced by some produce.
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Material: Cotton Canvas, 3.5 oz (sturdy)
Closure: Open
Features: Drawstring handles
Size: 12" wide 16" high
10" wide 12" high
8"wide 8"high
Print: Eco-friendly dyes and inks (do not contain hazardous chemicals)
Capacity: 10 kg
Weight: 120gm

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These produce bags are washable, lightweight, ecofriendly and made of natural cotton. Fold it and carry it for produce shopping or simply use it for storing vegetables and fruits. Comes with a pull-string closure so the contents don’t fall out.

Additional information

Dimensions 16 × 6 × 13 in




Bag usage

This compartment bag has amazing uses- along with being an excellent alternative to throwaway plastic bags, it can be used for grocery shopping and produce storage.

The six compartments allow for easy bifurcation of produce so the smell of fruits and vegetables don’t mix with each other. Works great for refrigerator storage as well.


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