Buri Nazar Canvas Zipper tote bag


This bag is from the collection #Artagainstplastic for World Environment Day.Perfect for your daily essentials, this premium canvas zipper tote bag is made to inspire.Use it as a work bag, college tote or simply as a handbag for a casual day out. This bag comes with a zipper closure to keep your stuff from falling out. The stunning colours and smart eco-conscious designs are conversation starters.


Closure: Zipper
Fabric: Canvas 7 oz
Size: 15 inch x 16* inch
Weight: 165 gsm

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Out of stock


Additional information

Weight0.165 kg
Dimensions15 × 16 in





Design description

Nimbu-mirchi totka or Nazarbattu is a popular Indian evil ward off practise to keep people and things away from evil spirits. This Design says ‘Manushya ki buri nazar se bacho’ which literally translates to ‘protect yourself from the evil eye of humans’.
Well, only if we could have a nazarbattu to protect our Earth from the evil eyes of those who consume voraciously, cause pollution and litter plastic.

Designer Bio

Karina is a Fashion and Lifestyle Accessory Designer, graduated from National Institute Of FashionTechnology. As a design professional she believes that design is not just what it looks like or feels like, but a journey of a discovery. She is passionate about translating emerging trends into successful product lines providing highest level of satisfactory works to the industry.

Bag Usage

EcoRight bags are strong and durable. They’re the perfect bags suited to your everyday needs. These bags can be used as –

An inspiration to raise awareness against throwaway plastic bags.
Reusable Grocery Bags
Shopping Bags
Travel Totes
Beach bag
Gym bag
Yoga bag
College bag
Gift bag
Women’s handbag
Overnight bag

Each EcoRight bag is folded in order to use the least amount of packaging material. From January 2018, EcoRight bags are only packaged in bio-degradable material made from corn, wheat and potato starch. All packaging is compostable.


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