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This bag is from the collection #Artagainstplastic for World Environment Day.Perfect for your daily essentials, this premium canvas zipper tote bag is made to inspire.Use it as a work bag, college tote or simply as a handbag for a casual day out. This bag comes with a zipper closure to keep your stuff from falling out. The stunning colours and smart eco-conscious designs are conversation starters.


Closure: Zipper
Fabric: Canvas 7 oz
Size: 15 inch x 16* inch
Weight: 165 gsm

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A hint of pop, a dash of awareness and some quantity of wit and humour. This is what this bag is all about. Designed by the very talented Abhilash Baddha, this bag has a vapourwave design on the front. The pop, a brillaint color palette and classic tote style of the bag is enough to make heads turn and take notice!

Additional information

Weight0.165 kg
Dimensions15 × 16 in





Design description

This Design is inspired from #vapourwave. The concept gives a clear picture of the overcomsumption of resources by us and reflects the sorry state of our planet right now and gives out a message that at the current rate of plastic use and pollution only 90s people will remember having seen some species most of which are endangered and on the verge of extinction. The very 90s oriented graphic backs the message well and subtly brings attention to the aquatic animals most affected by the over-use of plastic and the oceanic tint adds to the overall charm of the design.

Designer bio

Abhilash would have been like any other Engineer, except that he’s not! He is a self taught illustrator and visual artist primarily working on illustrated series, posters, and graphics. His work reflects wit, humour, quirk with a hint of pop. Abhilash has worked with several apparel brands based out of London, India and Canada and has designed posters for a VANS campaign. You can check out more from Abhilash on his instagram handle @abhilash_baddha

Bag Usage

EcoRight bags are strong and durable. They’re the perfect bags suited to your everyday needs. These bags can be used as –

An inspiration to raise awareness against throwaway plastic bags.
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Each EcoRight bag is folded in order to use the least amount of packaging material. From January 2018, EcoRight bags are only packaged in bio-degradable material made from corn, wheat and potato starch. All packaging is compostable.


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